Our Story

Our Story

Calm and Tranquility

We are inspired by the beauty of nature. We know tranquillity can be found there, but that nature is not always nearby. We want you to feel like you are standing under an ancient waterfall, just bathing in a precious moment. If only for these few moments each day, we believe in the value of returning to a life of simplicity, joy and tranquility.


We are inspired by the beauty of raw copper. We work to shape and transform it into beautiful, sustainable products. We believe in the quality and reliability of copper. We love that it doesn’t rust or corrode, that it’s naturally anti-microbial, and especially that it produces high quality, skin-cleansing water.


We value honesty, reliability and good, old-fashioned service. We create quality products that are hand-crafted with care and built to last. Your experience with Brooklyn Copper matters to us, and we value your time and your needs.

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