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Weather-Resistant Copper Outdoor Showers: Top Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted Options

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At Brooklyn Copper Co., we are passionate about creating top-tier products that blend luxury, durability, and functionality while respecting our beautiful environment. Our expertly designed outdoor showers transform your backyard into an exquisite oasis. Handcrafted in Australia with superior craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, our outdoor showers are now available for shipping right to your doorstep in the United States!

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Made To Order and Shipped To USA

Yes, I’ve personally designed and built every shower with Brooklyn Copper Co., one of Australia’s premier luxury outdoor shower brands. We understand that shipping our freestanding showers to the USA can be costly and might not suit everyone. However, if you have a dream home and are looking for a unique outdoor shower or bath setting, we’re the ideal choice for you!

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Highly recommend Brooklyn Copper products, my experience was excellent. From customer service to quality of product, I have been very impressed.

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