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Welcome to Brooklyn Copper! We believe that outdoor living should be luxurious, functional, and sustainable. Our Australian made outdoor showers and tapware are not only stunning in design, but also durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary design, we have something for every style and taste. We also offer custom bulk orders for those looking to create a truly one-of-a-kind outdoor oasis. Our team of experts is ready to help you design the perfect outdoor shower or tapware that fits your exact specifications. Plus, we ship Australia-wide, so browse our catalogue today and find the perfect copper shower for your outdoor space.


Outdoor Showers - Wall Mounted & Freestanding

Outdoor showers have evolved from simple utilitarian installations to sophisticated elements of garden and poolside design, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of outdoor living spaces. Particularly in coastal areas, where the elements test the endurance of outdoor fixtures, the choice of material for these showers is paramount. Copper, with its remarkable resilience and aesthetic appeal, stands out as an ideal choice for both freestanding and wall-mounted outdoor showers.

  • SALEDaintree Rose 300mm Showerhead Image

    Daintree Rose 300mm Copper Showerhead

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  • SALEFoot shower


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  • Double Soap Holder

    Double Soap Holder

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  • Outdoor Showers | Brooklyn Copper Copper Showers

    Simple Soap Holder

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  • Garden Tap With Brass Stick Tap

    Garden Tap with Stick Handle

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  • Huski Copper Shower | Huski Copper Shower | Brooklyn Copper

    Huski Copper Outdoor Shower

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  • Copy Of Brooklyn Cross Wall Tap

    Brooklyn Cross Wall Tap

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  • Brooklyn Copper Towel Hook

    Brooklyn Towel Hook

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  • Copper Bib Tap Cross Handle

    Bib Tap

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  • Copper Garden Tap Fire Handle

    Garden Fire Tap

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  • Daintree Copper Shower Rose | Copper Pipe Shower Head

    Daintree Copper Shower Rose

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  • Natura Rose

    Natura Copper Shower Rose

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  • Cape Shower

    Cape Copper Shower

  • Outdoor Showers | Brooklyn Copper Copper Showers

    Reef Copper Shower

  • Valla Shower

    Valla Copper Shower

  • Eden Shower

    Eden Copper Shower

Ageless Beauty of Copper Showers

Copper is renowned for its natural beauty and longevity, traits that make it exceptionally suited for outdoor environments. Unlike other materials that deteriorate under harsh weather conditions, copper thrives. It undergoes a unique transformation, developing a rich patina that not only protects the metal from further corrosion but also enhances its appearance over time. This patina adds a layer of charm to the shower’s appearance, making it more visually appealing as it ages.

Copper’s Resistance to Salt and Corrosion

For homeowners in coastal regions, the corrosive nature of salt air can quickly degrade many materials. Copper, however, maintains its integrity even in salty environments, thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties. This resistance means that copper showers can last for decades without significant deterioration, making them a cost-effective and durable option for beach homes and seaside resorts. The non-reactive nature of copper to salt ensures that the shower will remain a fixture of beauty and functionality, adding value to the property.

Environmental and Health Benefits

Aside from its durability and beauty, copper offers environmental and health benefits. It is a natural antibacterial material, which means that copper showers can help reduce the presence of harmful microbes, a particularly comforting thought for families with children. Moreover, copper is 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Choosing a copper outdoor shower means investing in a solution that combines durability, style, and sustainability. Ideal for any coastal property, copper showers provide a luxurious and lasting outdoor bathing experience. As they weather naturally and age gracefully, they serve as functional elements of outdoor design and as long-lasting investments into the quality of outdoor living. Whether freestanding or wall-mounted, a copper shower can transform any outdoor space into a tranquil retreat, perfectly aligned with the demands of coastal living.

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