All our shower designs have the Bundeena shower set integrated into the finished product. The WELS ratings for these shower sets can be found on each specification sheet.
We have four tap styles available. The Brooklyn Fire taps and T taps are available at the standard prices shown for each design. The Cross taps and Stick taps can be supplied at an extra cost of $130. Please note that the T taps and Stick taps can only be used on an exposed copper design. These are not available as a wall tap. Refer to individual specification sheets for other available options, such as foot washers or exposed copper tails (to allow for connection to services at the base of a wall).

All showers are made to order. We only carry limited stock of each product as it is very common for our clients to modify or customise their order.

We can also customise the water connections on most designs to suit your requirements. Feel free to send us an enquiry if you would like clarification.

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  • Daintree Copper Shower Rose | Copper Pipe Shower Head

    Daintree Copper Shower Rose

    $345.00$395.00 Select options
  • SALEDaintree Rose 300mm Showerhead Image

    Daintree Rose 300mm Copper Showerhead

    $494.95 Add to cart
  • Huski Copper Shower | Huski Copper Shower | Brooklyn Copper

    Huski Copper Shower

    $1,150.00 Select Options
  • Natura Rose

    Natura Copper Shower Rose

    $395.00$455.00 Select options
  • Cape Shower

    Cape Copper Shower

  • Reef Copper Shower

  • Valla Shower

    Valla Copper Shower

  • Eden Shower

    Eden Copper Shower

  • Bundeena Disassembled

    Bundeena Copper Shower

  • custom showerhead from brooklyn copper

    Willow Copper Shower

  • Kiama Copper Shower

  • Freshwater Straight Shower Arm

    Sorrento Copper Shower

  • newport daintree cross

    Newport Copper Shower

    $2,240.00 Select Options
  • Lennox Copper Shower

    $2,420.00 Select Options
  • Island Copper Shower | Exposed Copper Shower

    Island Copper Shower

    $1,601.00 Select Options
  • Tama Copper Shower

    $2,816.00 Select Options