Man showering under Eco Friendly Copper Shower


Have you ever thought about having an outdoor shower? It might be something that you have only seen in luxury resorts or at the beach. But they are actually more practical than you might think. More and more Australian homes are having outdoor showers installed on their properties. The benefits of an outdoor shower may them worth the money to install. Not to mention they look great and are a fun addition to your outdoor area. At Brooklyn Copper we offer a range of different outdoor showers to suit all your needs. Here are some of the advantages to an outdoor shower.

Pet washing

Maybe not one of the most luxurious of reasons to get an outdoor shower, but definitely one of the most practical. Have you ever tried washing your pets in the inside bathtub? It can get very messy, water everywhere and no one enjoys it.

However with an outdoor shower, you are able to easily use a collar and lead to keep your four legged friend from running off and you have the water running constantly.

It makes the whole process a little easier on everyone.

Rinsing after activities

One of the most beneficial reasons for having an outdoor shower is to have your family rinse off after various activities that may bring dirt and mud into the home.

If you are near a beach, you know the horrible feeling of having sand all through your home. Or little kids that like to play in the garden and dirt? Simply asking them to wipe their feet before coming in, can be a mission.

With an outdoor shower, you’re able to rinse off all the dirt and sand before coming into the house. This not only refreshes and cleans the person, it also helps to keep the indoors clean.

This is also great for after exercise and you’re feeling hot and sweaty or to have a rinse off after being in a chlorinated pool. You might not be ready for a full shower as you have other things to do throughout the day. But a rinse off of the sweat, chlorine and such gives you an opportunity to continue with your day without feeling yuck.

Keep holiday rentals tidy

If you have a holiday rental home or AirBNB having an outdoor shower is a great addition. This way the guests are able to rinse off and prevent additional mess coming into the home.

It also gives them a little bit of extra luxury when staying in your property. An outdoor shower isn’t a common thing, so staying at a property with one makes a big difference.

Luxury element

Outdoor showers can be made in a number of different ways. You can have an open plan one or you can have one that has walls for privacy.

If you choose one with walls, there is a added sense of luxury to your home.

You can have a late night shower until the stars to relax and refocus. The copper tapware and showerheads that we provide at Brooklyn Copper are statement pieces. They are luxurious, stylish and make you feel a little bit fancy when using them.

An added luxury to your home can make you feel so different. It brings relaxation, style and class to your home. You will feel like you are in a tropical resort, from your own backyard.

The addition of an outdoor shower can also increase the value of your home as it proves to be an added extra and something that people will want to pay more for.

At Brooklyn Copper we pride ourselves on our services and the products that we have to offer. The stunning copper tapware and showerheads not only look amazing but they are strong, hearty and will not rust. Over time you may notice a colour change in them, due to being outside in the elements however they will not rust. They will continue to work as well as they did from day one.

To find out more about what we have to offer and how to get the process started for your outdoor shower, get in touch with the team today. Let’s bring luxury to your backyard.