The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Shower

After having to pay plumbing prices of $70 – $100 for an hour, you definitely would be motivated to try out other safer, more maverick ways to protect the plumbing in your home from blockages. And it’s not just the price that might make you want to explore other options; you might be tired of having to clean up your indoor shower of all the grime, dust and germs every time you get back from the gym or any other stressful, physical activity. You might even not want to contaminate your house when getting back from the hospital (especially if you are a healthcare worker). If you fall into any of the following categories, an outdoor shower just might be for you.

When I was looking for an outdoor shower for my new landscaped garden, I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the full experience of standing under a stunning copper

And who says outdoor showers only have to feature in luxury spas, resorts and hotels?  An outdoor shower is a perfectly practical addition to your home for many reasons. Apart from the various reasons that would be mentioned in this article, you should also consider the fact that it is a new thrilling experience for you to encounter– a form of self-care and relaxation that calms you on days that you are not feeling so hot. 

The Advantages Of An Outdoor Shower

The hardest and most demanding part of having an outdoor shower is the installation – and that, in itself, isn’t very demanding. It is important to know why you want your outdoor shower before actually constructing it so it doesn’t end up as just another unused appendage of your house. We would motivate you to get one for the following reasons:

  • It is a thrilling experience and can also be calming after a long day.

It was a horrific turn of events for adults everywhere when new studies showed up talking about how beneficial it was for us as kids to play in the rain. As we grew up, a lot of us left those childish adventures and threw ourselves into full-time adulting, choosing little moments here and there instead to find our fun. An outdoor shower can replicate those childhood memories of playing in the rain. It brings back the unbridled thrill of having not a care in the world and being wild and free. Despite this, it also gives succour on long forlorn days; having a cold outdoor shower on hot days is the perfect way to raise your spirits up and put you in a blissful state of mind. 

Man showering under Eco Friendly Copper Shower
  • For washing the kids after playing.

Children play a lot, and parents are usually exasperated to find that they do not have boundaries and no qualms about where they play. This means that they usually come home with dirt, germs, and various new species of endoparasites that scientists haven’t even discovered. You wouldn’t want these in your home because it could be a hassle to clean and these can even be dangerous to the other occupants in the house. The mud can even accumulate in your shower and make it extremely dirty.

An outdoor shower solves all these issues easily. Kids can wash off before coming into the house and they can wash off even during play to prevent them from getting too dirty. An outdoor shower is also a good first aid choice; in cases of animal bites or stings, the kid doesn’t have to be rushed into the house to have access to running water. 

  • For cleaning pets.

Anyone who owns or has taken care of a dog knows the struggle that has to be undergone to get them clean. Dogs have a love-hate relationship with showers and baths, so you’re always having to wrestle your dog into submission before getting it into the shower. When they eventually get into the shower, you’re going to have to deal with hair and ticks and other stuff falling into the shower that you would eventually use for yourself. This is unhygienic, and you run the risk of clogging your pipes when the hair accumulates.  

An outdoor shower again, is the solution to this, and you wouldn’t even have to have a drain installed that is vulnerable to clogs. Cleaning up after washing your pet is relatively easy, and is a much better choice than washing off in the indoor shower.

  • For keeping your house sterile.

If you are a healthcare worker, you are going to be exposed to various germs and other stuff in line with your work. While you are mandated to remove your lab coat after leaving the lab or ER, you might still not feel comfortable when you leave. If you have an outdoor shower, you would be able to wash off before you enter your house. There’s nothing more that guarantees your safety than a sterile house. 

  • It increases the space available in the house.

In a house full of guests, shower space is clinched by competition. You can ensure that everyone gets the space needed for showers by having an outside shower whenever you have guests over. 

  • Outside showers are imperative for beach houses and premises.

Lifeguards and swimmers on the beach need outside showers to get extra dirt off their bodies after an afternoon of summer frolicking. Numerous people using an interior shower might clog up the place.

  • It cleans you off after gardening or a morning run.

Gardening is an annual endeavour that takes a lot of your time and gets you dirty. You might have to clean off regularly while still gardening and it would be trouble to keep going in to wash off. When you have an outside shower, it would be easy to garden without having to carry buckets of water with you from inside. Outside showers also keep you clean after morning runs. They can also serve as foot washers for you so you don’t track dirt inside.


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