Are you looking to add an outdoor shower to your home, but not sure where to start? In this article learn about the things you should consider when installing an outdoor shower.

Installing an outdoor shower might feel like a new level of luxury. Something that you may have wanted for a long time but just haven’t been able to do. Whether you were renting and now own a home, weren’t in a property with enough room or simply didn’t have the budget to include one. Before you get started with ordering your shower and getting it installed, there are a few things that you should think about and organise. Here is our top things to consider when installing an outdoor shower.


Before you go ahead and start getting too far into the planning phase, you need to look at your budget. There are a range of different outdoor shower options available and the price of these can become very expensive. The more features, the larger the shower and the different materials can make the price jump very quickly. It is important to decide on your budget straight away and ensure that you stick to it. Going over budget may give you a nicer looking area, but you won’t be as happy about it in the long run. 

Choose your budget and then look for options that come in under it. This will help you to also narrow down the materials that you can use.


Once you have your budget sorted, think about where you would like your shower located. Stand outside and look around your yard. Will you need to move anything to have it installed?

Having your shower located closer to the house means that you shouldn’t need to do as much plumbing work to get it up and running, but it might not have the same look and feel that you are dreaming about. 

The location is important as the quoting for plumbing will change depending on the location, amount of piping needed and whether much digging is required. 

The need for the shower

Now think about what your reasons are for getting your outdoor shower. Understanding your reasons for it can help with deciding on where to put it and can also help you to think about the materials you would like to use.

If it is a predominantly used shower for after using the swimming pool, than you most likely will want to put it near the pool area. If it is for washing off sand and ocean water after being at the beach, you might want it closer to your back gate so you can rinse off straight away. 

Or if it is more for luxury purposes and for late night fun, than you might want to look at a more secluded section of your yard to put it in.


The most exciting part of the process is thinking about the design of your shower. Do you want a fully enclosed shower with a door? Or do you want an open plan shower where the shower head and tap is the only real piece that is visible?

Again, the design that you choose will determine the price of the overall project. 

With our showerheads we have various options including full arm and overhead showers. Our copper design will suit almost any design you choose. Whether it is a fully enclosed or an open shower. 

An outdoor shower is something that many people associate with luxury and riches. You don’t have to be rich to include an outdoor shower in your yard. They are a practical, stylish and welcomed addition to your home. 

For all your outdoor shower needs or to discuss which of our copper showerheads would be best suited for your new shower, get in touch with the team at Brooklyn Copper today. 

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