Why Copper Is The Best Choice

Adding an outdoor shower to your home is a little bit of a luxury. Not everyone can say that they have an outdoor shower set up. The design, placement and construction of your shower is an exciting process. Seeing it all come together how you pictured it and ready for use. When deciding on the fixtures for your shower, why not think about using copper. Copper shower heads and fixtures are a stunning addition to your outdoor shower and can make it look like a one of a kind. But why copper? Read on to find out why copper is the best choice.


Copper has its own antibacterial properties. If you have a look in any of the history books you will see that dating back hundreds of years, many people in third world countries would use copper as their drinking vessels. This was due to the antibacterial properties and the people believing that it would help them from getting sick.

By having copper in your shower set up, it helps to purify the water and act as an antibacterial for the water.

It is also good for your skin as well. Recent research into Copper shows that is a natural anti-oxidant for your skin.

Copper can improve the skin’s condition by fighting free-radicals and helping your skin and joints produce collagen and elastin. Even the Egyptian Gods Cleopatra and Nefertiti used copper to stay youthful.


Did you know that copper is the only metal that is 100% recyclable? It can be melted down and remoulded into new products, without any waste. This makes it the most sustainable option for use in your new outdoor shower set up.

Copper also does not corrode or rust. This means you will not need to worry about breakages or weakening from rust. Your copper shower head and fixtures will not need to be replaced due to this kind of wear and tear. Making it again, the most sustainable option.

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When you look at a copper shower head, the first thing to come to mind is style. The beauty of copper is that when outside, you will see that the colour will start to change over time. This isn’t rust or corrosion, but just the metal reacting to the environment and the elements around it. This adds another level of beauty to the metal. Each piece will take on its own look and you will not find another that looks the same as yours after time outdoors.

If you are going to the luxury of adding an outdoor shower to your home, you want it to look a million bucks, right? This is where copper comes in. It will give a look and feel to your shower that you simply can’t get with a stainless-steel shower set up.

Looks the part

When having an outdoor shower installed at your home, the last thing you want is for it to stick out like a sore thumb. Being outdoors, you want it to have not only a stylish look but for it also to look and feel a part of nature.

A copper set up will help to provide this. The raw, natural beauty of the metal will match in nicely with the trees, rocks and natural environment around it.

You can even get matching accessories such as a towel holder and soap holder made from copper as well. To bring the whole look together.

Brooklyn Copper is a proud supplier of all things copper. We know the importance of sustainability and looking after the environment. That is why we use copper. We help to bring an element of style, luxury and sophistication to your home, through an outdoor shower.

Want to know more about our products and view them for yourself? We have a show room that you can visit to check out the products, get up close and get a feel of them. This can help you to picture them in your home. The Brooklyn Copper workshop is in Ulladulla on the South Coast of New South Wales. Or you can check them all out on the website.